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Savory Oatmeal w/ Sauerkraut

Okay, okay, okay. Don’t judge it unless you try it, but ‘salty’ ( I rarely cook with salt) oatmeal could be your new winter cuddle companion. Lunch time oats have gotten me through all the hard days. They are filling and warm and full of nutrients, if you want them to be of course.

Many people think oats are simply a breakfast vehicle to carry all the sweet stuff like dried fruit, brown sugar, maple syrup, nut butters etc. Um yum, but oatmeal is so much more versitle, and should be used to its full potential!

On winter days, when I feel like I ‘need’ a bowl of pasta, I do myself a favor and go for a more nutrient dense, digestible bowl of savory oats made with water, not milk, usually laden with the ingredients below.

What to add to your water-based savory oats:

Black Pepper

Saurkraut (Eating fermented foods is like eating a more natural probiotic. I don’t like taking supplements, I rather get my good gut bacteria in food, in a more traditional way!)

Grain mustard

Nutritional yeast (too much can cause inflammation of the innards!)



Chili powder



Cayenne pepper (Spicing up your oatmeal causes movement in the intestines, kind of like a handless massage?!)

Ultimately, you can add any seasoning or virtually anything that tickles your fancy. You can treat this dish kind of like pasta, most sauces/seasonings will taste Litty!


Olive Oil